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(book in preparation)



Transitions in Spain will be a comprehensive overview of the


build environment in Spain. An environment which is constantly


changing, today mainly because of the migration of mainly


young people from the villages and small towns to the bigger


citys. How everything is left behind, the old and modern ruïns


which remain untouched and only to be removed when


something new has to arise on that location.


Unfinished concrete structures, often neatly cleaned, are


waiting for finances and permits or to be added to the


waiting room of oblivion.



Gaps in towns and citys with polyethylene foam insulated


acades waiting for new utilisations. But also the new


developments in the industry, the citys and tourist areas


were the prosperity is visible and big projects are at hand.


A country that is changing rapidly although the inland


provides admirable spaces and where the old Spain


can still be discovered.



At the same time this book will be a hommage to his late


father Bert Schierbeek , a writer and a poet, who has since


1950 traveled extensively through Spain and wrote about.


At first in a travelbook in 1952 and later in prose and in his


poems. He collaborated with photographers and also wrote


some text and poems about photography itself. The book is


larded with fragments from his work and sometimes sets


us back in time. As Bert once stated; ‘Life doesn’t consistsof


one story but of 386 stories at the same time.'











Alicante 2020                                                                                       .