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There is constant movement in the

work of Michiel Schierbeek.

Cyclical. Lyrical.

A continuous line, looping.

Like the line we move along – little

white blood cells in a big vein – on a

daily basis.

Sometimes, on the way, we get stuck,

a knot forms, and the movement is

delayed, slower, tighter. Other times,

the movement is easier and we flow,

higher, peaking red before heading

downward again.

Schierbeek shows us the delicate

rhythm within the unending roundabout

of our lives.

That, perhaps, you can zip through the

path, busily, or you can see the path

as a greater structure, with no end, no

destination, only conscious movement.

He shows us, too, how movement

flows through both rigidity and

flexibility – the difference is, within

flexibility there is capacity for change.


 Wanda Praamsma


Endless road 2011

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