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Window dressing



Window dressing is a journal of images

of shop windows from the Netherlands,

France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and

the United States.


In shop windows people present their

products and businesses to other people.

In many cases, the product are matched

with architecture that was not designed

for such products.

Schierbeek finds these marriages


The changing of the facades, the artistry

of display, the unexpected people walking

into the image, the different reflections on

the glass and the ever changing light all

have his attention.

One tends to get lost within these images


Inside and outside get fully mixed up pro-

ducing a 3d feel.

In many of his photographs the puzzle

really gets complicated but at the same

time they show a new unforeseen struc-

tural order.

It is remarkable how Schierbeek manages

to create a new spacial order in the

chaotic urban environment.

It is exactly what his steel and glass

sculp-tures are about; reflection and

transparency and thereby creating a new

structure in space.




Window dressing # 373, , Paris 2015

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